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Facial HEALTH Analysis Consultations


 Cell Salts are a group of homeopathic remedies made from

the basic mineral compounds that cells of the body depend on.

When our bodies become deficient in any of the cell salts  

our facial features reflect the symptoms which the practitioner

notes these defieciencies. The greater the defieciency the greater

the changes in the face. Once the body's mineral needs are met, it

can once again be healthy, strong, energetic, mentally clear and at

peace with others and ourselves. We need these minerals (cell salts)

in perfect balance to ensure health and wellness. 



  •   Gain greater health and then look younger too!!
  •   Safe for anyone under any condition!
  •   $20 for Consultations


                                                     What To Do

  *Digital camera is best (no cell phone photos please)

                Use natural light

                From neck up (see diagram) What To Do

 *Digital camera is best (no cell phone photos please)

 Use natural light


                No Make-up with hair pulled back

                No shadows

  *Pay for Consultation

  *Send 3-4 photos to (JPeg format)

  *Practitioner sends results back quickly

  *Have any questions, feel free to email 


                                             Cell Salt Tinctures

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